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Cole Dance Company is extremely proud to be one of the longest-standing dance companies in the Midwest and still going strong! Our choreographers and technique teachers are talented, hard-working, and humble humans!

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Our dancers typically practice 1-3 days per week, depending on their age, to compete at 4 competitions per season and perform in our Christmas and Summer Recitals. To finish out our season in the summer, we typically switch every other year with either a National Competition in Chicago or a planned “experience” for our older dancers. They have performed and taken class all over the US on trips such as a cruise, New York City, and LA/Disneyland, California

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Ages 5-7

Cole Kids

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Assistantship Program

Some of our older dancers also participate in our assistantship program where they learn to not only be great role models, but also help to build responsibility and foster a love of dance in younger generations. They are trained in ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, tap, and hip hop. They excel in all styles and compete at the highest level of competition. Once in High School, they can choose to either be fully involved or chose less routines/practice time. The quality of the training is superior and the expectations in regards to work ethic and dedication are high. The result is a well-trained and well-rounded dancer that can take on the world with the qualities instilled in them through their experiences here.

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