About Us

Eleanor Cole Academy has been a staple in the Muncie community and surrounding areas since 1948, making it one of the longest lasting establishments in the Midwest! You can trust in our experience and long-standing reputation for excellence to be the best choice for your child. Under the direction of Tracy Navas since 2007, Cole Academy offers dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading with recreational classes and competitive teams for each program. We also offer the best tumbling and warrior classes! All of our classes complement each other so many new students will participate in several different areas until they find their niche.

Whether your child loves to jump, flip, or is constantly dancing around the house, there are a variety of classes for every age and ability level to choose from! Cole’s highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors create a safe and fun learning environment, and the family-oriented atmosphere helps to promote teamwork, positive relationships, and a sense of pride among all Cole Academy students!

Newly built and opened in 2018, our Morrison location has provided so many opportunities for our students. It is home to our Twisters Gymnastics Team and COLE All-Star Cheerleaders! This is where we offer all cheerleading, tumbling and warrior classes. Recreational gymnasts that are at an intermediate or advanced level practice at this facility along with all beginner gymnasts ages 7 and up. There are 2 separated gyms along with a center lobby area. One gym is specifically for gymnastics while the other one is for cheer and tumbling. We offer birthday parties on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons at this location.

We have created so many memories at our Keesling location! It is a joy to see former students, now parents and grandparents, bringing in their little ones! Cole’s original facility boasts 3 spacious dance studios, a fully equipped gymnasium, and many newly remodeled amenities. We use this facility for all dance classes along with our youngest gymnastics’ students. Parents of children ages 6 and under like the option of participating in dance and gymnastics back-to-back, which is why it is all at conveniently located in the same facility. The Keesling location, lovingly known as the “OG” is home to our award winning Performing Lines and Dance Companies!

Each year our students enjoy performing in our Winter and Summer Recitals at Emens Auditorium! All dance students participate while gymnastics, cheerleading, and tumbling students have options to perform as well! We host in house recreational tumbling meets for our gymnastics and tumbling students to show off their skills. Cole Academy also enjoys performing for other events around the community, including Ball State games and the homecoming parade. We have so many ways for the proud families of Cole students to watch their children do what they love!

Families choose Cole Academy for their child’s training because of the many opportunities we provide. They can just come for fun or work towards competing with one of our highly recognized dance, gymnastics, or cheer teams! No matter what program they are interested in, they can grow and reach their fullest potential here at Cole. Our students create friendships and gain confidence that will last a lifetime!

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