General Questions

All shoe and apparel requirements are listed under the “classes” page of this website. You will find the same information when you register on the app.

Our seasons are year-long and typically run from August-July. Tuition is billed on a monthly basis, so you have the option to attend classes for as many months as you’d like.

At this time, masks are not required for children or fully vaccinated adults.

We can move a child up to the next age group 3-4 weeks before their birthday, depending on class availability.

Enrollment, Trial Classes and Drops

<p>Yes! As long as there are spots open in the class you are interested in, you may try out one class for free before registering. Please give us a call to schedule your trial class the day of the class so we can ensure there will be room for them to try out the class without going over our student-instructor ratio. It is possible there will not be an opening by the time you register so many people forgo the trial class to ensure a spot in their preferred class day/time. Since you can drop at the end of any month, there is very minimal commitment.</p>

<p>To register, you will want to download our free Cole Academy app and either login into your existing parent account using your email address or families new to Cole can create a new account. Once you are in your account you will be able to view available class times and openings, enter your auto pay information, and register for the class. Once the current month's tuition and registration fee (not applicable May-July) has processed, your child's spot in the class will be secure and you will receive an emailed receipt. If you need assistance with registration, please email colehelpdesk@gmail.com.</p>

WHEN YOU FIRST START REGISTERING THROUGH THE APP IT WILL SHOW A TOTAL AMOUNT DUE OF $0.00, so that we have the flexibility to pro-rate tuition through our office based on when you start throughout the current month. Once you have submitted the enrollment request, you will receive confirmation email with the exact amounts charged to your auto pay account. If you would like to know the exact amount due because of possible proration, please email colehelpdesk@gmail.com before completing the online registration and make sure to note the date you would like to start.

Additional same family students receive 10% off of their monthly tuition if they are both in recreational or both in competitive classes. There isn’t a cross program discount if one child is competitive and another is recreational.


<p>In addition to the first month's tuition, all students will be charged a registration fee ($30 for the first student, $15 for each additional student) at the time of enrollment. This is a fee that is only charged once a year with sign-up. Registration fees are not charged with May-July tuition if you start classes one of those months.</p>

<p>Tuition may be pro-rated for new students registering after the first of the month, based on the number of classes remaining that month. The monthly tuition rate is based on the total number of classes a student receives over the course of the season, so we take into account any breaks or holiday closings when we set that rate. There may be some months that have 5 weeks of classes (which we do not charge extra for), it evens out over the course of the year.</p>

Classes must be dropped by the end of the previous month to avoid incurring that month's charges (please note- if any reason tuition charges do not process on the first of the month due to a holiday or any other circumstance, classes will still be required to be dropped by the last business day of that month). NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR DROPPED CLASSES AT ANY TIME. You will always receive a 10 day payment reminder to give you an opportunity to drop if you need to. Please make sure you do not unsubscribe to our emails so that you receive this reminder each month.

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