Our 9-11 year-old tumbling classes are split between beginner and back handspring classes. They must have some experience and skill base to be in the back handspring class. If they already have their back handspring and/or tuck, they will want to join one of our leveled classes. They will learn all the proper technique using our large gym with spring floor, in-ground tumble track, foam pit, and many different mats!

Class Details

Class Name


Age Group

9-11 yo


This class is located at the Morrison location. The student to instructor ratio is 8-1.


There are no requirements for beginner classes; everyone is welcome! If they would like to start out in a back handspring class, please make sure that they have a kick over down and incline and a strong round off.


  • $48 / month (class is once per week)
  • If you are interested in combining with other classes for discounts, please refer to our Pricing page.

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