Mommy and Me

Mommy and Me

Our mommy and me program is very popular! They do not have to have their mom with them, any one family member is more than welcome!

Class Details

Class Name

Mommy & Me

Age Group

1-2 yo


The only prerequisite for the child is that they can walk. Mommy and me students are typically 1-2 years-old, although 3 year-olds are also welcome if they are not yet ready to be on the floor on their own in a 3 year-old class. This is a great way to bond with your child, socialize with other children, and begin the process of listening to a teacher. They will build coordination, strength, and balance while learning to take turns and mastering new gross motor skills. Mommy and me classes use the bars, beam, floor, vault, and trampoline. Adults are asked not to be on any of the equipment but to be there to assist your child and keep them on task as the instructor leads the class.


Most gymnastics students wear a leotard. Please make sure to cover their diaper completely. If the leotard doesn’t cover it then consider adding stretchy shorts. Leotards are available at Duet Dance & Activewear. Please make sure their hair is out of their face and they don’t have any hair accessories with plastic/metal that may hurt their head during rolls. Parents can wear anything they can easily move in. No shoes are allowed on the gymnastics floor. Parents may wear socks but students are encouraged not to wear socks so that they do not slip on the balance beam.


  • $40 / month (class is once per week)
  • If you are interested in combining with other classes for discounts, please refer to our Pricing page.

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