Recreational Dance 5-6

We have ballet, tap, and hip hop/jazz fusion class options for 5-6 year-olds!

Class Details

Class Name

Recreational Dance

Age Group

5-6 yo


Ballet and tap are 30 minute/week classes and hip hop/jazz fusion class is 45 minutes/week. Classes are offered back to back but you can chose just one or any combination of these classes. Dance classes can be added, dropped, or transferred at any time although we send out an email reminder to drop 3 months before each show if they do not want to perform in our Christmas and/or Summer Recitals. We offer back to back options with 5-6 year-old beginning gymnastics as many children this age like to do a combination of dance and gymnastics. All of these classes are located at our Keesling location so that they can seamlessly go from one class to another.



  • Dancewear including leotards, tops, skirts, and shorts (all colors), tights optional


  • Ballet Shoes: Bloch Odette Ballet Shoes
  • Tap Shoes: Capezio Mary Jane– Carmel
  • Hip Hop/Jazz Fusion Shoes: Bloch Super Jazz– Tan

All apparel and shoes can be found at Duet Dance & Activewear


  • Pricing starts at $40/month. Please see Pricing page for details.
  • If you are interested in combining with other classes for discounts, please refer to our Pricing page.

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