Boys Only Gymnastics

Boys will get lots of energy out while learning new skills safely and making friends!

Class Details

Class Name

Boys Only Gymnastics

Age Group

5-6 yo


Our boys gymnastics classes are beginner level. These classes are 1 hour long and located at our Morrison location. They will learn all the basics on floor, bars, vault, and trampoline. Boys classes also integrate strength and balance throughout the class. We have a 6-1 student to coach ratio for each class.


Boys can wear shorts and an athletic tank or t-shirt. If they want to wear pants, please make sure they are easy to move in and the right length for the child so they do not get in the way. Students do not wear socks or shoes.


  • $56 / month
  • If you are interested in combining with other classes for discounts, please refer to our Pricing page.

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