Cole All-Star Prep Teams

Saturday, August 20 2016 1:00 - 2:00

Welcome to the Cheer Out Loud Extreme Prep Program! Our prep program is designed for students that are looking for a fun way to be involved in competitive cheer with a small time and financial commitment. This program is perfect for improving skills, teaching teamwork, and building self-confidence. We are offering a way to train and improve in a dedicated but pressure free environment. Our prep program is only a 6 month commitment and the practice is only 1 day a week. They will perform a routine in our Christmas Show and compete at 2 competitions. The try-outs are in August and the season ends after competitions with a party in February. Currently, we are offering our program for all athletes ages 5-11. There are no tumbling requirements to be a part of our program although experienced cheerleaders are of course welcome. From forward rolls to backhandsprings, all athletes will have a place in our prep program, even beginners. for full informational packet