Social Media Response

August 02, 2020

In recent days, what we stand for has been questioned. A former parent associated with our organization has circulated false information in an effort to hurt our reputation. To be clear- no one has been discriminated against by our organization. We promote equality among all of our families, students, and staff and no one would ever be treated differently or be asked to leave because of their race, ethnicity, or background. The parent is no longer associated with Cole because we were unable to come to a peaceful resolution. We are all very hurt that we were then targeted, but we stand true to our core beliefs. The claims made are unjust, unfair, and not a representation of our stance with the Black Lives Matter movement found on our website. We are all working to fight for a better life for our children.

The reputation of a business or business owner should never be compromised with false claims. These claims were hurtful to all of us, because they go against everything we believe in and promote to our students. This has nothing to do with race and it is so disappointing that someone would think or make it look that way to gain support. We would ask anyone to leave, regardless of race, ethnicity, or background if we felt their behavior was hostile in any way- we are an organization with children and our job is to protect them. These statements were made in an effort to bully us and they should not be tolerated by any organization, especially one that works so hard to be inclusive among their students.

Ultimately it was this behavior that led to not being able to continue the relationship with Cole. Again, nothing to do with race. We have to be able to communicate with mutual respect. We love the beautiful child who was involved in our programs. Being accused of racism is something we never thought would happen to us. We encourage everyone to always know the facts before attempting to discredit people that want nothing more than to instill kindness and love for all. We believe we all want the same things for our future generations and perpetuating false claims or hate is not helping any of us.

The safety of our families, students, and staff are and always will be our top priority. We are taking the necessary steps to ensure safety for all. If anyone ever has a concern, we are always willing to sit down and discuss it rationally and we are ready and willing to admit guilt if we are at fault. We have nothing to hide and are always looking for ways to help all of our students succeed. Open communication is the best way to come together and make progress, not by making blind assumptions without knowing both sides. Our culture as an organization is to be inclusive and promote diversity within our programs. We hope that our minority students and families know that we stand proudly with them to spread kindness and equality for all.

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