Black Lives Matter


Cole Academy stands with the movement and continues to be a safe place for children of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We provide equal opportunities for all of our students and proudly stand with our minority families.

We believe that our part is to create a safe and positive environment for all and always treat others with respect and kindness. Our inclusive programs offer a wide variety of participation options to accommodate varying levels of time and financial commitments. There is always a place for your son or daughter at Cole.

Cole Academy promotes equality amongst all of our families, students, and staff. We have a reputation of treating everyone in our facilities fairly and without bias. We strive to find ways to offer even more opportunities for the Muncie and surrounding communities to increase diversity.

We, at Cole, welcome all students with open arms into our loving and caring environment. Making our students feel safe and protected is always our top priority. We want to dance, cheer, and tumble together towards a brighter future for our minority students.

We stand with you.

" Thank you for voting us Muncie Area's Finest Dance Studio Again for 2018! "